26th July 2018

The code: not such an enigma

First thing in the morning, my calendar pings: 15 minutes until the ABPI Code of Practice training day. What sort of day will this be? Should I try to memorize as much of the Code as possible for the inevitable test? Solaris Health is a member of ARTS: the Agency Recognition and Training Scheme, from Compliance Hub, and so we receive regular updates on the outcomes of Code complaints. These give us helpful insights into various regulatory issues and we receive regular company-wide training sessions. In this way we can ensure we maintain high standards across all areas of our work. 

At the appointed time, we all trooped into the training room and took our seats, ready for a sea of facts and figures. In fact, what awaited us was a fascinating day during which we absorbed vast amounts of information, delivered in a succinct and seemingly effortless way. Using real-life examples, our trainer took us through the outcomes of a wide variety of potential and actual breaches of the Code, ranging from pitfalls associated with advisory boards and symposia, through to misleading or unsubstantiated claims and the still relatively uncharted waters of social media. He even managed to provide an engrossing case about the black (in this instance not so black) triangle! The Code will be updated in 2019, and it will be interesting to see more complete guidance on the newer types of media we all frequently use.

At the end of the day we all felt that our brains had been given a thorough workout, and confident that our knowledge of the Code had been fully refreshed.