10th February 2021

The virtual meeting scenario is now very familiar to us all, but how do you achieve the best online experience for your meeting? Which platform will elevate a webinar from the everyday Teams or Zoom call to a more tailored experience? At Solaris Health we can offer specialist guidance for your project, boosted by our learnings from a busy 2020:

·       Our bespoke webinar platform creates a sophisticated, secure online conference environment for live, recorded, or hybrid events based on the robust Zoom platform but with the ability to be fully branded, and incorporating a visually immersive conference experience including a resource library and an exhibition area.

·       As soon as they enter the virtual conference area, speakers feel confident in our hands. Our production team manages the event, supporting the speakers with their slides and switching the delegate view to suit the agenda, while our client service team logs delegate activity and reviews incoming questions. Meanwhile, speakers can confer behind-the-scenes in our online ‘green room’ during recorded sessions.

·       The platform delivers interactive events with polls, surveys, and delegate questions, and finalises meeting requirements by incorporating online evaluation forms and autogenerated attendance certificates.

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We’ve been running online meetings for many years now and our clients benefit from our extensive experience. Our webinars in 2020 attracted thousands of delegates with most averaging 200+ joining online and many more accessing recorded versions on-demand.

Let us bring our breadth of digital experience to help you plan your virtual event. If you would like more information, please get in touch – email: marian.byrt@solarishealth.com