30th October 2020

To delve into how increased isolation caused by lockdown and social distancing measures has impacted mental health around the world, ‘The Covid-19 Anxiety Project’ was commissioned by the world renowned Wellcome Collection. As part of the project, each of the 5 photographers involved were asked to answer the question ‘How are you, your family, and your friends coping with anxiety related to Covid-19?’ through photography.

From therapeutic cleaning sessions in Essex to a lonely lockdown birthday in Johannesburg, five photographers from around the world have captured the mental health implications of Covid-19. Discover their magnificent creations here: 


Taking a moment to be mindful and looking for something different or unusual in the day can be some of the positive well-being benefits of artistic expression. Why not bring the focus back to positive life experiences and escape intense emotions with self-expression today, it does not have to be as literal as painting, how about photography or some emotional writing?