26th June 2020

22-28 June is Love Your Lungs Week – a health awareness campaign from the British Lung Foundation.  The website includes some really helpful information for patients, many of whom are going to remain shielded, on how to keep connected. The website combines social elements with expert advice, including a library of health apps that have been independently reviewed.

Love your lungs Hero Image 2.png

One of them has been with Vicore - a research and development company based in Sweden which has been working to develop therapies for rare lung conditions. As the mechanism of COVID-19 became clearer, their team was well-placed to realise that their asset could have a role in treatment and so launched ATTRACT: Angiotensin II Type Two Receptor Agonist in COVID-19 Trial

Here’s a video explainer of the rationale for the trial:

Vicore were able to obtain MHRA approval for the ATTRACT study in a very short time period, and have now extended the study sites to India to recruit more patients. This study was picked out by LifeArc (a self-funding charity that drives medical innovation) to receive part of a £10m fund for COVID-19 research. Top line study results are expected later this year.

Many of our other clients have been asking us to help develop educational content for patients and physicians to help them address management of conditions during the period of restrictions, and we’re currently looking at strategic programmes to address the knock-on impact of COVID-19 on pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Running these campaigns to help patients, and being part of an undertaking to find a treatment for COVID-19 is incredibly rewarding. We will continue to play a small (and beautifully detailed) role in supporting the vital research in this fight.