27th September 2017

Making meaningful change in pharma

Human behaviour is complex. A huge understatement. Why do we do the things we do and what does it take to change our habits? It’s a question the Solaris Health team ask regularly, and to help answer it we develop specifically-tailored, creative and thought-provoking workshops that tease out the reasons why people act in a particular way and, importantly, what it takes to make them change.

Apply this to pharma marketing and you can see why this bespoke workshop format is a popular approach among our clients. They want to better understand their target customers and these usually include not just one audience but a number of specialities, all with differing priorities and burning interests, whether they are clinicians, nurses, pharmacists or payers, working in the community or hospital environment or other healthcare organisations. Frequently added to this heady mix is the further complexity our clients experience in dealing with different global healthcare systems with varying structures and funding routes. Getting a handle on all these variations is challenging, but by employing accepted principles of behavioural change, the INCITER workshop format drives clarity and the sharing of new ideas and concepts.

INCITER encourages participants to turn the healthcare environment on its head, allowing them to pull apart their beliefs and perceptions as they explain their world to us. Along the way, they identify their everyday frustrations and pinpoint what would help improve the situation. It’s often not what our clients anticipate, and as a result we get closer to truly understanding the world of their target customers and have the opportunity to work with them to help plan a change.

So if you need to see your customer’s world more clearly and figure out how to create a meaningful change, get in touch…