12th May 2017

Mental Health Awareness Week at Solaris Health: remembering to care for the mind

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week has coincided with several high-profile campaigns that intend to make a real difference and do more than just ‘talk the talk’.

And, as a healthcare communications agency, we also like to ‘walk the walk’.

Following our December calendar of yoga poses and January wellness day, Solaris Health is fully embracing the movement towards greater awareness - and taboo-breaking - of the burden of poor mental health.

Every morning this week, in one of our meeting rooms - appropriately called the White Room - we have taken part in 15-minutes of guided meditation to help us find the frame of mind and mental space to restore balance and start our day calmly.

Additionally, our HR guru has sent us daily emails this week to help us understand different aspects of mental health; they also contain links and quotes we can access and share at any time with friends and family.

In our digital world, where most of us are stuck on work-eat-sleep-repeat mode, this week has been a welcome and thoughtful initiative to remind us to feed our minds as well as our bodies.