11th March 2019

My First 8 Months as a Junior Writer

Shani Reback

I joined the Solaris Health team as a recent graduate with no agency experience. Yet I have learnt so much and it is strange to think that 8 months ago I had never used Zinc. It now seems like part of my daily routine! Already, I have been exposed to a wide range of therapy areas, including: neuromuscular diseases, pulmonary diseases, oncology, and ophthalmology - to name a few.  I have been a team member on several projects working across multiple channels, each posing their own challenges and each requiring different tools and skills. 

In particular, I enjoy the fact that as a junior writer I am involved in a vast number of projects and I see the project through by connecting at various stages of progress. For instance, by undertaking the initial research, finalising referencing and managing online approval. This gives me an in-depth understanding of the project and I’m interested in how it transforms from concept to the final item. 

Learning about so many different therapy areas is also fascinating. Since joining Solaris Health, I have written content for print, online platforms, and video scripts aimed at healthcare professionals, patients, and the general public. I enjoy the challenge of taking complex scientific concepts or clinical data and turning them into an informative, engaging piece of writing. This isn’t always easy, but I find it rewarding that my work may help give patients access to life-changing medicines. It’s particularly rewarding when the approval for one of ‘my’ projects finally comes through.

However, my role as a junior writer has extended beyond simply writing video scripts to also include delivering them as a voice-over. This wasn’t what I expected when I joined the team, and it can be a bit embarrassing hearing my voice booming across the office! But it’s a great opportunity to work with different members of the team and see the multi-channel work that Solaris Health creates.

To me, Solaris Health distinguishes itself by the continued commitment to delivering both high-quality medical communications and innovative, creative solutions.