29th August 2019

Our mysterious summer event!

Last week we held our summer get-together here at Solaris Health with yet another treasure hunt-type event, returning by popular request. However, this year it was much more mysterious than usual as we each channelled our inner Inspector Poirot to solve a murder!

Our two teams, led by Nuria and Dipesh, were tasked with unravelling a ‘real life’ murder, (well, not really real life!!), in an investigation that took us all around Richmond town centre and Terrace Gardens in the beautiful sunshine.

Summer Hero Image 1.jpg

Summer Hero Image 4.jpg

Our captains drew the names of their team members from a hat and then they received their briefing: solve the murder using a series of clues along a trail that took us to some interesting local haunts, along with a list of potential suspects and weapons that needed eliminating along the way. 

Summer Hero Image 2.jpg

Always a competitive bunch, the teams set off 10 minutes apart with 2 hours to nail the perpetrator and the weapon. The trail took us to parts of Richmond most of us had never seen before and gave us some useful facts along the way. The clues kept us guessing so there was plenty of banter, as well as some serious detective work and some local history to absorb. We found all that is now left of Henry VII’s Richmond Palace (apparently one of the first buildings in history to have a flushing toilet) and then on to Cholmondeley Walk, which originally had two separate paths: one for ‘polite’ society and a muddier path on the river’s edge for everyone else! (Not sure which path our two teams took!).

Summer Hero Image 3.jpg

By the end of the afternoon both teams figured out ‘whodunit’ and were to be found relaxing at a local restaurant over drinks and nibbles, while happily arguing over the clues they had solved along the way.