15th April 2020

Our virtual conference platform

We developed our Virtual Conference platform several years ago as an alternative to F2F meetings.  It offers the perfect solution for hosting hundreds of delegates to either live or pre-recorded sessions, with built-in interactive elements including live audience questions, which can be moderated to meet pharmacovigilance and regulatory requirements, spot surveys and audience polling.

It’s highly robust and optimized across all platforms and browsers.  The platform provides a secure password registration area (GDPR compliant) as well as a resource library for background material to be stored and accessed by delegates as needed. Capability for feedback gathering and export via spreadsheet is also built in.

We created this as a bespoke web platform so we can tailor content and branding to our clients’ specifications; we can also integrate virtual exhibitions, external video content and much more to enhance the experience of all participants.

Get in touch at mail@solarishealth.com to discuss how we can help you host your conference, meeting or Advisory Board

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