11th September 2018

Richmond street photography

Richmond has a rich history of landscape and architecture, which create the perfect location for street photography.

Street photography is candid photography of life and day-to-day activity. It’s a way to show off our surroundings and illustrate how we as by-standers relate to them. What we are simply doing is filtering what we see to find moments that intrigue us, and share them with others. The photograph can be taken in any street; it doesn’t have to be taken in a city, posed, or manipulated. 

Brewers Lane Preview.jpg

Street photography is the most accessible form of photography. You don’t need an expensive camera, studio or lighting. All you need is a good eye to capture the right shot, at the right time, in the right place.

Ice Cream Preview.jpg

These are decisions that can’t necessarily be taught. Many of them are spontaneous and instinctive. That’s what makes such photographs so interesting and engaging!