21st June 2019

A round of a-paws
for Bring your
Dog to Work Day

The idea of bringing a dog to work may seem counter-intuitive to some, but recent studies have demonstrated that dogs in the workplace can have a marked effect on general health and wellness.  Here at Solaris Health we have a bit of a soft spot for our furry friends and enjoy the company of three very good dogs.  We are thrilled to celebrate #Bringyourdogtoworkday by sharing the benefits we’ve experienced of having dogs in the workplace.

Rufus is a fluffy-coated wheaten terrier with a friendly disposition that enjoys coming to work every Thursday. Rufus is very welcoming and heartily greets everyone who comes into the office, so much so that his owner, Kerry, is now on first name terms with the postman. Kerry has noticed that Rufus has made her more sociable - what starts as a simple question about her dog quickly evolves into a deeper discussion.

Everyone in the office loves having Rufus around. Many of us use our lunchtime to join Rufus on picturesque walks by the Thames. Kerry jokes that the team are more excited to see Rufus than her since she is invariably asked every Wednesday, ‘will Rufus will be joining us tomorrow?’

The Solaris Health team also includes two very adorable sausage dogs (dachshunds): Simon and Domino. They get very excited when they come into the office and have even participated in work events, such as raising money for Crisis on Christmas Jumper Day. 

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Not only are Rufus, Simon and Domino valued members of the team, but their presence in our Richmond-based office carries numerous benefits for our overall health and wellbeing.

Going for regular ‘walkies’ is healthy for both dogs and humans alike and can lead to improved fitness. Recent studies have linked the presence of dogs to better mental health1, enhanced productivity1, and improved morale.1 Amazingly, a four-legged friend was found to reduce stress even more than a human companion,2 and research has suggested it may lower the level of circulating stress hormones in the body.2 

What’s more, bringing a dog into work can ease the financial burden of care and provide a more stimulating environment than being left alone all day. So coming into the office is good for Rufus, Simon, and Domino too!  

For more information visit https://www.bringyourdogtoworkday.co.uk/


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