11th July 2019

Wellness Hero Image.jpg

Solaris Health Wellness Day

We like to practice what we preach in terms of health. So, we all embraced our Solaris Health Wellness Day, getting off to a chilled start with an early morning yoga class led by our in-house yogi, Claire. This was followed by healthy smoothies: berry, kale, flax seed, and oats or banana, oats, yogurt and cinnamon. With a nutritional ‘munch and learn’ at lunchtime, we also enjoyed one-to-one nutritional advice, a health and exercise consultation (including BMI and visceral fat check – super scary), reflexology and cranial osteopathy and a posture check.

We’re all motivated now to be eating super-healthily, walking up and down the stairs every day, sitting up straight and living beautifully balanced lives!