04th August 2021

Social media today plays an unprecedented role in all our lives, and is a key driver for people personally, with an ever-growing importance in our professional lives now as well.

So in order to stay informed and up-to-date on all the topics we need to, it’s vital to understand the conversations being held online and across social media.

At Solaris Health, we use a social media tool that helps us, amongst other things, track specific keywords and where they are used in conversations across a range of social media platforms, which give us clear and actionable insights into conversations and trends. 

The system is so advanced that it allows us to track any keywords we need to – from the most scientific of terms to mainstream topics creating the headlines today.

Keywords can be tracked historically, or we can set up real time searches to monitor specific keyword usage moving forwards, with learnings and insights delivered from a global macro scale, right down to the most micro of communities.

We are also able to immediately identify key audiences, locations, platforms, trends, impressions (an estimate of how many people have seen this content), engagements (the number of shares, likes or re-tweets) and the tone of social media posts calculated through Sentiment (positive, negative and neutral) and Emotion (joy, anger, fear, sadness and disgust) scoring.

This is key for us to be able to learn from, monitor and measure the success of our communications for our clients, based on the core keywords used in the campaign and input into the keyword search.

If you’d like to know more, or see an example of how Solaris Health can make social listening – and all the learnings and insights it generates – work for you and your brands, don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing marian.byrt@solarishealth.com