09th February 2018

vivacity welcomes

Award-winning, health and wellness agency vivacity is pleased to announce a new team member, Dipesh Patel, who joins as an Account Executive. Dipesh will work alongside Managing Director Philip Adams across a range of clients, delivering creative and compelling health and wellness campaigns.

His educational background spans a wide spectrum, from a BSc in Medical Genetics to an MSc in Financial Management. Prior to entering Healthcare Communications, Dipesh began his career within Marketing and PR for a men’s lifestyle company. His ambitions to combine this experience with his passion for science and making a difference led him to start work as a research associate for phase 1 and 2 clinical studies. This quickly progressed to his first foray fast into medical education and on to vivacity.

‘I’ve finally found what I was after; creative communication + the perfect amount of science (only the good bits!) + improving health outcomes = vivacity’

Dipesh is thrilled to be a integral part in vivacity’s mission in continue to build award-winning campaigns across a broad range of pharmaceutical and consumer health and wellness categories, and has already demonstrated his commitment to building strong strategic and creative partnerships with all his clients.

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What you should know: Dipesh is an avid #foodie, who seizes every opportunity to photograph aesthetically pleasing food for his Instagram blog! He’s partial to a pansy or two on his Sunday brunch. Word of warning; avoid all hot food options when #DinewithDipesh as you’ll be waiting for some time!