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Management of functional bowel disorders such as IBS in primary care is sub-optimal. Patients are often referred unnecessarily to secondary care specialists. Improving diagnosis and management in both settings is an unmet need for both physicians and their patients.


To create an educational programme via a custom recruited faculty of primary and secondary care expert physicians with an interest in gastro-intestinal disorders. The output comprises a series of modules covering differential diagnosis and management of a variety of gut problems. Developed by physicians for physicians, and structured with the clinical audience in mind, the programme uses a case-based approach to education.


Strong uptake of modules, CME accreditation, evolution into live events as well as online delivery. This programme is ongoing.


Strategic concept, relationship with clinicians, faculty development, medical writing and design of core materials. Media planning and the use of non-promotional advertorials to maximize engagement with both the issues in GI health, but also the key points of education.

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