Ferring - Bedwetting


Bedwetting in children aged 5 or over can have a very negative effect on the child and family life. It is, however, a condition that can have a medical basis and can be treated. Many parents are unaware of this and do not seek medical advice.


Development of a campaign for use across European markets:

Part one – a commercial for TV and online use in a distinctive and friendly graphic style introducing the character of Jack, a 7-year-old boy who wets the bed. The film aims to destigmatize the condition and encourage parents to visit their GP where help is at hand.

Part two – a visually appealing, engaging and educational interactive platform game, available as an app and online, that challenges Jack to undertake various tasks in his quest to get “Ready for Bed”. The game incorporates education about bedwetting.


This project is just going live – check back later for results


Concept, creative, scripting, production, project management

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