Work Detail


In order to launch and establish the Nicox range of quality, competitively priced dry eye lubricants in commoditised European markets, a high impact campaign was required with a distinctive yet meaningful style. The campaign also had to allow for different markets having varying brands in the portfolio at any one time.


By utilising the X in the Xailin brand name to present each formulation on a pedestal we exploited the impetus and interest of the widely recognised show “The X Factor” to spotlight the products, either individually or as a range.


The X Factor campaign had unequivocal support when researched with healthcare professionals and consumers and has been embraced by all key European affiliates - and extended to other countries for use by distributors. The ‘X Factor identity’ is now also facilitating the further introduction of new line extensions to the portfolio.


Creative concept, copywriting and design (including reference sourcing), project management.

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