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In NHS wards patient safety is sub-optimal due to cumbersome patient monitoring systems which are also very time consuming for nursing staff. Sensium Vitals offers an alternative, more efficient wireless monitoring system enabling nurses to focus on other essential activities, whilst delivering real-time vital signs round the clock directly to a monitor at the nurses station. 


Working in conjunction with our PR partners (Speed Communications) we developed a multichannel campaign, identifying barriers to uptake and addressing these via published evidence-based scientific data and in TV broadcast discussions - all designed to encourage trust in this new and potentially life-saving technology.

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Sensium Vitals is currently being piloted in a number of hospitals around the world, and evidence from recent clinical studies is being published in peer-reviewed journals. The potential to improve patient monitoring and safety by using this novel system is being recognized internationally.


Communication strategy, website development, multichannel campaign planning, collaboration.

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